Desktop & Laptop Diagnostics


Diagnostic of computer's hardware and software, including any disassembly labor, and a full upgrade evaluation

Desktop & Laptop Tune-Up (Remote Service Included)


Hard Drive test & Clean up startup programs, defrag HDD, removal of adware, removal of items in temporary directories, and install updates for PC.

Memory Installation


Memory purchased from Cyber Works will be installed free of charge. Note: Few exceptions apply.

Laptop Hard Drive Installation


Installation of a drive, including hard drives and solid state drives.

LCD Screen Replacement


Parts & Labor for replacing a LCD screen. *Touch screen prices will vary

DC Jack Replacement


Parts and labor for direct current jack replacement

Keyboard Replacement


Parts and labor for keyboard replacement. *Back-Lit keyboard prices will vary.

Fans, Hinges, or Invertors Replacement


Parts & labor for fan, hinges, or inverter replacement. Note: Exact pricing may varie based on model.

Virus & Malware Removal


Removal of virus, malware, spyware, and adware. Also includes any antivirus and antimalware updates, windows updates, and a 45-Point tune up. Note: Data backup not included if format and reload is required.

Installation of Operating System *Best Value*


Installation of Windows, MacOS, or linux with updates, hotfixes, patches, java, adobe, and drivers for internal components. Software must be provided by client or purchased at Cyber Works. Note: Data Backup not included.

Data Backup / Restore


Backup of all data from one hard drive and restoration of My Documents,My Pictures, My music, etc. For a single user profile if applicable. Additional user profiles $39.99 each.

Data Recovery Backup / Restore


Transfer of recoverable data from data from failing or formatted harddrive to your choice of media. Note: Restrictions may apply.

Software Installation


Installation of one program or antivirus on a single computer.

Driver Installation


Installation of one driver on a single computer

On Site Hourly Rate


On Site Hourly Rate (Tier 2)


All Prices are subject to change at any time

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