Stop intruders online and at home.

At Cyber Works we specialize in both cyber security and commercial and residential security. Talk to us about your security needs and we can customize a solution that best fits your situation.

Computer Security

Virus scanning and security.

Cyber Works specializes in making your life easier. That means offering peace of mind, when it comes to computers and servers. Our trained technicians can install virus scanning software and security passwords for computers, keeping you safe from hackers and anyone who has access to your laptop. We can also update and fix issues safely and securely via remote access.

Business & Home Security Systems

Video Cameras and Motion & Door Alarm Systems

Security is a top priority at Cyber Works. In addition to computer security, we supply and install hi-tech home and office security. Multi camera systems with video console monitoring to motion and door alarms, we can install our systems into new or existing buildings and provide 24/7 DVR monitoring. Our systems also provide smartphone monitoring through a mobile app. Talk to us about a quote and our installation process.


Custom Built Computers

There are computers and there are Cyber Works’ custom built, high performance, lightning fast, extreme productivity computers.

Service Plans

We have 3 plan levels to support our customers. Choose the one that’s right for you then sit back and relax. We’ve got you covered.

Cyber Security

Think of us as your security detail. Our virus protection and firewall software offers first and second lines of defense.

New & Used Computers

Whether you’re a gamer or a grandma, we go out of our way to get you the computer to perfectly fit your needs.