We only sell the computers that we trust ourselves.

Buying a computer can be overwhelming with all the brands, specs, and performance levels. At Cyber Works, we’re here to simplify your life by selecting only the reliable, well-built computers and offering several levels and price points to meet your needs. Here we don’t just read you the box, we know our products inside and out because it’s what we do everyday.

Custom Build

If we don’t have it, we’ll build it.

The technicians at Cyber Works have a high reputation within the gaming and business system community. Gamers travel from all over the state to get the perfect build with complex liquid cooled technology. Corporate IT departments also rely on us to problem solve networking and installation issues. For both business and residential, we not only have the experience to create solutions for gaming, CAD, 3d printing and multi-computer installs, but have the service plans to add ongoing support.

Business Computer Solutions

Computer Services

Find a trusted business partner.

Network Installations

Corporate IT

From planning to install, we’ve got this.

Leading Computer Technology

Tech Support

Make our team an extension of yours.

New & Used

New Computers & Certified Used Computers

We don’t have the largest store with the largest selection of computers because we hand-pick the best brands and models that will best perform for our customers. We simplify the buying process by reviewing and road testing the computer brands that we sell. You get first-hand selections and recommendations without going home with a big box store lemon!

Our certified used computers are actually also gently used and inspection guaranteed with up to 1 year warranty. We have a number of certified used computers in store, with more on our ebay store: GottaGo!

Our Affiliate Programs

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Corporate & Home Office

Technology for you, wherever you are.

On the go, home office, or office-office, we have the technology to reach you and take care of all your tech needs.

Total Business Solutions

The business solutions division at Cyber Works works with smaller companies and large IT departments to build networks and systems from the ground up. From planning to networking to installing and maintaining we act as your on call support through various service plans that we offer. We also specialize in network firewalls and cyber security to keep your data and your employees safe.

Home Office Solutions

With more customers working remotely, we understand the importance of instant IT help for networking and online meetings. Our technicians are experts in setting up the perfect work environment with connectivity requirements and networking and printing configurations. Our team can recommend products to get you up and running as well as service plans to keep business moving without technical interruptions.

Gaming Solutions

An unfair gaming advantage.

Gamers love Cyber Works! Not just for the geeked-out custom builds with neon lights and glowing liquid cooling systems- but for the hard to find knowledge and support that we offer. A lot of our techs are gamers so they know the trends and the horsepower needed to play to the extreme. The word is out in the community because our cable management and tubing skills bring gamers in from all over the country.


Custom Built Computers

There are computers and there are Cyber Works’ custom built, high performance, lightning fast, extreme productivity computers.

Service Plans

We have 3 plan levels to support our customers. Choose the one that’s right for you then sit back and relax. We’ve got you covered.

Cyber Security

Think of us as your security detail. Our virus protection and firewall software offers first and second lines of defense.

New & Used Computers

Whether you’re a gamer or a grandma, we go out of our way to get you the computer to perfectly fit your needs.